Flight and engine management with highest reliability

The ALPHA-MFD is the result of more than 25 years of  experience in  development and manufacture of electronic flight instruments for use with hanggliders, paragliders and hot-air balloons.
In line with the trend of modern flight instrument design, the ALPHA-MFD is a very compact flight instrument which provides as well the usual  functions such as altitude, airspeed, climb and
sink rate, but which integrates also an extensive motor monitoring feature for microlights. 

For the development of ALPHA-MFD great importance was attached to ensure the highest reliability of all utilised components and to achieve a maintenance-free operation. Upon each switching-on, an automatic „Built-In Self Test“ is activated, which monitors all functions and shows immediately an error message in case of malfunction. In the same way all connected sensors
are monitored continuously during operation and any malfunction is indicated.
It is possible to key alarm thresholds for all motor parameters which need to be monitored, also thresholds for air speed, such as stall and VNE may be monitored. In case one of these limit
values is  exceeded or fallen short of, an optical and acoustical signal is provided to the pilot.

By Burn In Test any component which might not be within the tolerance range is detected well in advance, for this reason the pilot has the assurance to rely on an absolutely reliable flight instrument.

In case of outage of the on-board battery the built-in back-up battery of the ALPHA-MFD ensures an emergency operation time of up to 10 hours. As an option a background lighting by green EL-foil is also available.

All technical data is subject to change!