Important notice: Flytec, Flyland, Skyguide, SHV and the participating Clubs explicitly point out that these data do complement the official aviation publications, but do in no way replace them. Legally valid are exclusively the official aviation publications and in the case of Airspaces the respectively valid agreement. In this regard, any liability is rejected!

NOTE: You can OpenAir data from FLYLAND, NO LONGER to be loaded via Flychart to the Flytec instruments directly? The data contain too many vertices. Airspaces are exclusively loaded in Flytec faf format on the SD card. For a firmware update to the aircraft is required.
See instructions below.

Airspaces convert software

OpenAir2faf airspace converts data from open-air format in the Flytec Air Space Format (FAF). FAF files can be visualized on the Flytec varios 6020, 6030 and 6040.

Software für Windows Software für Windows (5,865.0 kB)

OpenAir2faf - Version 2.20 - Deutsch - English - Francais

Software für Mac Software für Mac (13,057.4 kB)

OpenAir2faf - Version 2.10 - Deutsch - English - Francais