Sensbox - Technical data


Robust, shockproof ABS housing, grey with yellow sides
Robust keypad
High-contrast black-and-white screen

Splash-proof, water proof version available on request

Dimensions: 62 x 121 x 17.5 mm
Weight: 137 g

Power supply: Li-Ion Battery, 2000 mA
Battery life time: about 15 to 20 h, can be extended with external battery
Operating temperature: -10°C bis 50°C


Units: m / ft
QNH: air pressure indication in hPa or in Hg

Altitude range: 0 to 11‘000 m - resolution 1 m or 1 ft
Pressure range: 220 to 1099.9 hPa


Units: m/s / fpm

Numeric indication m/s: ±99.9 m/s - Auflösung 0.1 m/s


Volume: 4 levels (0%, 33%, 66%, 100%)


GPS-Receiver with 50 channels
Position determination at 5 Hz, independent of selected recording interval

Position format: dd°mm’ss"


Magnetic compass (3 axis)

Acceleration (3 axis)

Gyro (3 axis)

Display of total acceleration in g


IGC file: Internal memory for maximum 24 h per flight (with 1 s recording interval), automatic export to SD card at end of flight

Log file: Ongoing export to SD card

A 4 GB SD card is included

PC connection

Micro-USB connector
Mass storage, compatible with Windows, OS X, Linux, Android (through OTG cable)
Data exchange through file copy

Data transfer via Bluetooth

Data transfer to mobile devices (phones and tablets) uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE, Bluetooth Smart). The mobile device must support this standard in hardware as well as software (Bluetooth Smart Ready).

Android: From version 4.3, e.g. Google Nexus 4 and newer, Samsung Galaxy S 3 and newer
iOS: From version 5.0, e.g. iPhone 4S and newer, iPad 3 and newer