Sensbox apps

Sensbox apps for iOS

Sensbox, a collaboration between Flytec and Air Avionics (formerly Butterfly Avionics)

Air Navigation Pro, by Xample

Flyskyhy, by Renevision

Sensbox apps for Android

AFTrack, by Andreas Fischer, requires the AFTrack Sensbox Plugin

Air Navigation Pro, by Xample

FlyMe, by XC globe

Sensbox, by BIT-Hangar (enables XCSoar to use the Sensbox data)

Sensbox Variometer and Sensbox Variometer Map, by Türkay Biliyor

XCTrack, by Petr Chromec (XContest team)

App developers

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You would like to develop an app that communicates with the Sensbox? The necessary information is on github.