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The Sensbox Configuration Tool allows you to easily change the settings on the Sensbox, and adjust them to your particular needs. The transfer of a configuration file occurs via the USB connection or directly to the SD card. The configuration file is named FSCxxxxx.cfg (xxxxx = Sensbox serial number, including leading zeros) and is located on the SD card in the “system” folder.

If the configuration file is missing (new SD card, for example), create an empty file named FScforce.cfg, or download this one from here: FScforce.cfg (click this link with your right mouse key and chose “store target under”). Store this file on the SD card in the “system” directory. Then insert the SD card into the Sensbox, turn the device on, and off again: The Sensbox will automatically generate a correct configuration file using its current configuration.


Installation instructions

Copy the new firmware file to the Sensbox via the USB connection or directly onto the SD card, into the “system” folder. Only one firmware file (*.upg) is allowed in the system folder, otherwise an error message will appear during installation, and the installation process will be aborted.

To install the new firmware, hold down the OK/Func button while turning the Sensbox on. The display will show UPG (upgrade) with a moving segment to indicate that the installation is in progress. After the installation, the Sensbox turns itself off automatically.