Flytec Element - Software

Current firmware

Download update file: Version 1.04.17


See online manual.


Version 1.4.17


  • Updates now work reliabaly, even when coming from old versions (1.0 or 1.1)

Version 1.4.15


  • Compass rose: Is now displayed on all flight pages

Bug fixes

  • Fixed communication problems between main and co-processor, no more freez-up of GPS indications in flight

Version 1.4.13

  • Airspace support: In the Menu, under "Airspaces" - "Import AS", select the suitable OpenAir files you previously copied onto the Element. The way airspaces are displayed is explained in the online manual. Limitation: Currently only warnings for horizontal approaches. This because the altitude information in many OpenAir files is of questionable quality. Showing nothing is safer than showing potentially wrong information. We are working towards a solution that includes reliable altitude information for airspaces, and will allow us to also warn in the case of vertical approaches.
  • Required glide ratio: indicate only if navigation (route or goto) is active.
  • Airspeed: on page 1 of the flight pages, if optional sensor is connected. Ground speed is always displayed in the main area.

Version 1.3.10

  • Language selection: In the menu, under "Instrument settings" - "Language", you can now select the language directly, without any further software installation
  • Waypoint import: Import of GPX files is now also possible

Version 1.2.12

  • Waypoint import: Selection of imported waypoints file
  • Wind: improved calculation of wind direction and wind speed
  • Log file: to help our technical support in assisting you, the Element now writes a log file with all major events

Bug fixes

  • IGC file contains a first position with coordinates 0/0
  • Occasionally, GPS freezes and stops delivering position updates

Version 1.1.04

Bug fixes

  • Sometimes the IGC file is not created after a flight (but can be created manually)
  • Sometimes the Element freezes mid-flight and can only be turned off by removing the batteries

Version 1.1.01


  • More stable GPS reception

Version 1.1.0

  • Waypoint import: You can now import waypoint files via drag&drop into your Element. Connect your Element via USB cable to your computer, on the drive ELEMENT place the waypoint file into the folder “waypoints”, then disconnect the Element. Start up the vario and import the waypoints as follows: MENU > Waypoints > Import WP. The latest 5 waypoint files on your SD card will be imported.
  • Currently supported formats are:
    CompeGPS (*.wpt or *.com.wpt)
    FS waypoints (*.wpt or *.geo.wpt)
    OziExplorer (*.wpt or *.ozi.wpt)
    SeeYou (*.cup)
    WinPilot (*.dat)
    (GPX and KML coming soon)
  • Manual export of flights: You can manually export a flight as an igc-file as follows: MENU > Flight memory > Flights, then press OK and confirm with OK or cancel with ESC
  • New vario acoustics setting: You can now choose to set your vario to silent until the Element detects a take-off. Set this as follows: MENU > Climb Audio > Audio Mode. With the the arrows choose between “in flight” (your vario is silent until you take off) or “always” (your vario beeps as usual). If you set your vario to acoustics to “in flight” you can still get a vario sound by briefly pressing the loudspeaker key and you will have sound for the next 20 seconds. After that the Element will be silent again until it detects a take-off.

Version 1.0.2


  • Increased battery life

Future development

The next development steps are vario profiles, optimized race routes, flight data output for Google Earth, automated updates of airspace data with the Element Update program, vertical airspace warnings, and finally altitude above ground.