Flytec 6020 – Technical data

Altimeter (in total 3 Altimeters)

max. altitude: 11’000 m
scale: 1 m


Analog display ± 8 m/s – scale: 0,2 m/s over the entire scale range
Digital display ± 100 m/s - scale: 0,1 m/s


volume: 4 audio volume settings
climb acoustic: tone- and interval modulated, maximum interval frequency adjustable from 3 m/s up to 11 m/s or[ Smart-interval, adjustable response threshold
ASI (Acoustic Scale Indicator) –  may be switched-on/off
sink acoustic: discreet sink tone and loud sink alarm, separately adjustable


3 switchable pages

Speed vane wheel

digital display: 0 - 120 km/h (max. recommended)
scale: 0,1 m/s


High-sensitive SIRF III GPS-receiver of the latest generation, update rate: 1s, independent from preset recording rate.

Waypoints  and Routes

200 Waypoints, 20 Routes with max. 30 Waypoints each, Competition-Route: cylinder circumference adjustable from 20 m up to 200 km/h, ENTRY- or EXIT Start-Cylinder, up to 5 start gates, adjustable in 5-minutes interval.

Flight Memory

recording capacity: 55 hours at 10 s recording interval
recording memory: 100 flights. Automatic overwriting of the eldest flights.
Data interface: USB 1.1 IGC-format.

Restricted Areas

Air space map with CTR, TMA, protective zones, restricted zones, hazardous areas, obstacles etc. Memorizing up to 150 Restricted Areas each with up to 100 polygon corner points, circles, segments or mixed. 

SD card

SD and SDHC compatible
IGC flights: any number (depending on the size of the SD card)
Waypoints / Routes: unlimited amount of files, per file = 200 waypoints, 20 routes
Flight obstacles as many

User Fields

3 display fields per page, resulting for 3 pages in total in 9 displays to be freely defined. In addition also for the final approach calculation again 3 pages with 3 display fields. For each display there are available 30 different info indications or measuring functions.

Miscellaneous data

  • dimensions: 165 x 73 x 38 mm
  • weight: 286 g (incl. 4 Alkaline batteries, without clamp)
  • power supply: 4 Alkaline 1,5 V batteries AA or 1,2 V NiMh-accumulators
  • operaring time: > 30 Std. with Alkaline batteries
  • display screen resolution: 38’400 Pixel / 240x160 Pixel (= 1/8 VGA)
  • operating temperature: -15 °C up to +45 °C
  • storage temperature: -30 °C up to +70 °C
  • warranty: 24 months
  • scope of supply: packed in carton box incl. para-glider clamp, 4 batteries, carry bag, USB cable, Installation-CD with Firmware, PDF.format Operation Manual, Flychart software with license activation.