Flytec Connect 1

Flytec Connect 1

November 4, 2016

With today’s Buzzard 16 release, the Connect 1 withdraws from the Flytec family. The three main developers, Christian, Mimo and Jörg, will see to it that the story continues.

  1. The group is working to re-launch the vario under a new name.
  2. Repairs — both in and out of warranty — will be done by all Flytec Repair Centers.
  3. The Connect 1 warranty terms have not changed.
  4. The group continues to offer email support for the Connect 1. For now, write to this temporary address:
  5. They are continuing software and hardware development. As the work will now be done in the developers’ spare time, assistance by programmers and translators is highly welcome. If you have skills and interest, drop them a line at

There will be no further updates about the Connect 1 here. We therefore recommend that all Connect 1 pilots to sign up for the new Connect 1 newsletter to stay up to date. If you have other suggestions, feedback or questions, write to For all other Flytec varios, write to

The Connect 1 team will do everything they can to realize their plans and the full potential of the Connect 1. They look forward to continuing the story with pilots who share their excitement for the Connect 1’s possibilities.

Exchange offer: Trade in your Connect 1 for an Oudie 4

For any Connect 1 pilot who wants a fully functional modern high-end vario on their cockpit today rather than tomorrow, Naviter has an exchange offer: Return your Connect 1 and get a new Oudie 4 for 349 EUR (+VAT & Shipping where applicable). For details write to

This offer is valid until March 31, 2017.