Flytec 6040 Balloon

The new, revolutionary Flytec 6040 for ballooners is at the moment worldwide the latest and most performing combination instrument with GPS, designed for the competitive sportsmen among the ballooners.
Housing and technology are based on the proven 6020/6030 concepts for hang-gliders and para gliders. Due to the integrated GPS-receiver the ballooner is well informed at any time about his exact position and his speed over ground.

The most important performance characteristics are:

  • graphic display
  • new indicator for wind direction
  • wireless temperature transmission.
    Is also working perfectly well with the proven TT34  temperature transmittersn!
  • instrument software (firmware) can be updated at any time. The new firmware may be downloaded from the Flytec homepage
  • optimized battery management
    is operated with 2 banks for NiMH accumulators and is also suitable for Alkaline batteries of the AA type
  • optional Bluetooth-connection to the mobile phone for online Route-entry.


  • power supply: 4 pcs. NiMh-accumulators or 1,5 V AA Alkaline batteries
  • operating time: > 20 hours per bank, e.g. > 40 hours
  • charger:
    input – 100..240VAC 50-60 Hz 260mA
    output – 12V = 1A 12VA MAX.
  • display screen resolution: 76’800 Pixel / 320x240 Pixel (= 1/4 VGA)
  • dimensions: 178 x 95 x 40 mm
  • weight: 425 g (without clamp)
  • operating temperature: -15 °C up to +50 °C
  • including holder
  • warranty: 24 months

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